Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cinco De Mayo!

Do you need a good excuse to indulge in a margarita?  If so, this week is Cinco de Mayo, so you are golden!  I just love Mexican food, so I thought I'd share a few recipe ideas to accompany your margaritas.  If you need an excellent recipe for margaritas, this is a favorite of ours.  I usually use regular fresh or frozen strawberries that are not in syrup though.

Mexican Layer Dip : Serve with tortilla chips.  Great as an appetizer, or, you could even eat this as a meal if you are going for something lighter!

Simply Perfect Enchiladas:  A little bit of work, but SO worth it.  Truly outstanding Enchiladas.

Chicken Tortilla Soup:  A truly outstanding recipe that everyone in my family loves.  Handed down to me from my dear aunt.

The Best Taco Meat: If you want to go with something more simple, I recommend this.  It is most delicious in homemade crunchy shells, but you can also use the store-bought, or even make my kids' favorite, Tacos in a Bag! Beware, this is infinitely more delicious than using the taco seasoning packets!  Recipe courtesy of my friend Andrea who got it from America's Test Kitchen.

Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos: If you want something delicious that the whole family will love and keep things relatively healthy, I recommend these.  They are infinately more delicious than the frozen boxed version and so much more nutritionally sound.  

Beef Chimichangas: This is a recipe I have been making for about 9 years.  They are very good and very filling!

Ground Round Chicken Tortilla Soup:  This one is completely different than my other version.  One of the nice things about this recipe is that it is extremely quick and easy if you are pressed for time.

Enjoy!  I do apologize for some of these pictures, they are very bad!

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