Saturday, February 9, 2013

Meal Ideas and HELP! :)

Life has been so darn hectic lately.  I am loving my job teaching Kindergarten, but as a first year kindergarten teacher with 3 busy kids that doesn't leave much time for ANYTHING!  I am not complaining, I know I am lucky to be part of such an active family!  The only thing I would change is being more active myself...I am just not sure where to carve in time for my own exercise between work and the busy lives of 3 kids that are very active in sports.  I am so lucky to have an awesome husband, but he also went back to school for his Master's degree this year PLUS he has his own demanding full-time job! 

If anyone has any tips on juggling a crazy life, please send them my way!  My family has went from eating from scratch food all the time to eating out and eating frozen meals WAY more than we would like!


Tortellini Alfredo & Side Salad

Bourbon Glazed Chicken (Crockpot) & Rice

Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup, Breadsticks, & Salad

Sunday Night Stew

Perfect Potato Soup

Baked Ziti, & Garlic Bread

Mouthwatering Beef Dip Sandwiches


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