Friday, March 26, 2010

Judge's Fantastic Shredded Pork

When my oldest son first started school, I hit the jackpot during his school's PTO meeting.  Every year, for the teacher meal during conferences, a local judge (and mom) would bring her famous shredded pork.  The teachers all were just nuts about it.  I was at the PTO meeting where she finally divulged her secret recipe and now you (if there is a you that reads this, lol.)  have hit the jackpot, because I am going to  share it with you!

Please ignore the ginormous bite taken out of my sandwich.    

Judge's Fantastic Shredded Pork

"Making shredded pork is more like an art that a science.  I've dabbled at this art for several years, and this is what works for me." -Local Judge who shall remain unnamed;p

1 whole pork loin
apple juice
bacon ends 
liquid smoke
minced garlic
BBQ Sauce (Famous Dave's preferred)

Slice the pork into 1-1/2 inch chops, and simmer in a mixture of apple juice and water.  Half and half works well.  Simmer for 20-30 minutes and drain the juice

Arrange the pork in a Dutch oven.  I add some bacon ends for flavor and a little liquid smoke.  Sometimes, I add garlic too.  Put in the oven at 250* for 5-6 hours.

When you remove this from the oven, there will be a lot of liquid in the Dutch oven.  I remove the meat and discard the bacon and any visible fat.  The meat shreds itself.  I strain some of the liquid from the Dutch oven and mix it with the shredded meat.  Then, I add BBQ sauce- I like Famous Dave's.

Put the shredded pork in a crock pot to serve to a large group.  I freeze shredded pork in portions which will allow me to heat it up for sandwiches for the family.  You can also use it to top potatoes or wrap it in tortillas.  


  1. Your shredded pork looks really good. I have a pork butt in the freezer just waiting to be used. Thanks for linking up on potluck sunday.



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