Sunday, July 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Thought I would get a jump on the week ahead and get my Menu Planning out of the way!

Monday: BBQ Chicken Cheddar Sandwiches & Garden Vegetable (**yes, these have been on the menu several times--I haven't made them yet because I have been SEARCHING every single grocery store in town for the certain onion buns that I want with them.  I am heading to the bread store tomorrow and if they do not have them there, I am giving up and finding a substitute.  Yes, I am crazy--I have looked for these at 5-plus different stores over the past few weeks.  WHY do places always stop carrying things I love?)

Tuesday: Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich & Garden Vegetables 

Wednesday: Firecracker Shrimp Kebabs, Potato Bundles, & Garden Vegetables

Thursday: Honey-Glazed Salmon, Baked Potato, & Garden Vegetables

Friday: Homemade Chicken Strips & Sundried Tomato Pasta

Saturday: Not sure, probably out for oldest son's birthday party

Sunday: Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Apricot Sauce

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