Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Giving Menu Planning a Try Again!

It has been awhile and I am missing the organization of my menu planning days!  Even when I jot it down on paper, I invariably lose it:)  Having it accessible on my blog is the only way to go for me!

Thursday:  Philly Cheesesteaks
Escalloped Cabbage

Friday:  Spicy Beans
Restaurant Style Smashed Potatoes
Steak With Burgundy Mushroom Sauce
Strawberry Shortcake Cake

Saturday:  Edna Mae's Sour Cream Pancakes
Creamy Buttermilk Coleslaw pg. 214 The Science of Good Cooking
Indoor Pulled Pork pg. 158 America's Test Kitchen

Sunday:  Supersonic Breakfast Burrito
Macaroni and Cheese
Slowcooker Sticky Wings pg. 7 (America's Test Kitchen)

Monday:  Chicken With Mustard Cream Sauce
Spicy Pasta Salad with Smoked Gouda, Tomatoes, & Basil

Tuesday:  Tuna Melts
Sundried Tomato Pasta Salad

Wednesday:  Cajun Chicken Pasta

Thursday:  Beef Noodle Salad Bowls

Friday:  Sundried Tomato Risotto
Pork Schnitzel pg. 159 The Science of Good Cooking

Saturday:  Make-Ahead Breakfast Casserole pg. 78 (America's Test Kitchen)
Potato Bundles
Juicy Pub-Style Burgers with Sauteed Onion and Smoked Cheddar pg. 139-140 The Science of Good Cooking
Pub Style Burger Sauce pg. 140

Sunday:  Christmas Day Caramel Rolls
Stir-fried Shrimp with Snow Peas and Red Bell Pepper in Hot and Sour Sauce pg. 123 The Science of Good Cooking
The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever

Oatmeal Whoopie Pies
Perfect Iced Coffee
Homemade Cinnamon Bread
Bacon, Scallion, and Caramelized Onion Dip p. 284 The Science of Good Cooking
Ultimate Banana Bread p. 352 The Science of Good Cooking
Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies pg. 415 The Science of Good Cooking
Jalapeno Poppers
Cheesy Fried Pickles

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