Tuesday, April 26, 2011

May Menu Plan

Here is my May menu plan, a bit early!  I am home today with a sick kiddo, so I am taking the opportunity to get ahead.  As always, when I do my monthly plan, it is fairly general.  I tend to cover all the main dishes for the month and a few extras.  I am basically getting the "big" job done & I typically can get my main dishes shopped for.  If I think of other things, I add them in to my weekly menu plan that I make before my weekly 'quick' trip to the store.  This is when I generally decide on our veggies and side dishes since I generally like to get what looks good & fresh and what is on sale.  

People are always surprised/impressed that I do this monthly plan, but the truth is, it makes my life very simple throughout the month.  I generally have what I need in my house to make 1 months worth of meals (aside from perishables shopped for weekly).  Therefore, I am never left stuck at 5 o'clock realizing I have no clue what to make and I don't have the ingredients I need anyway.  This is a guide, I often change things up depending on how much time I have on a particular day for dinner preparation and what we are in the mood for or skip it all together if I feel we have too many leftovers that need to be eaten.  I then just carry some of the meals over into the next month.  

Many of these recipes are linked to places outside of my own personal blog.  Some of the recipes I will follow exactly and others are mainly inspiration and I will change the recipe up according to our tastes and desires.  As I go, I try to get my favorites up on my blog along with any changes I made. 

1st:   Chicken MakhaniNaan, Basmati Rice

6th:  My Very Favorite Homemade Pizza Crust & Assorted Toppings

13th:  The Best Taco Meat & Homemade Shells

17th:  Homemade Shake and Bake Pork Chops

20th:  My Very Favorite Homemade Pizza Crust & Assorted Toppings

24th:  Baked Scallops (with some changes from last time) over Pasta

27th:  The Best Taco Meat & Homemade Shells


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  1. Wow! I'd like to have supper at your house every night. I do a menu plan week by week but I like this idea better.



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