Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Little Smokies Football Wienies

So, I feel a little weird posting this recipe for a couple of reasons.  First off, doesn't everyone and their dog already have this one is their head?  Secondly, what the he** kind of name is that?  Football Wienies?  Really?  See, I didn't know what to call these, so I had to do some googling and that is what I found.  My kids just ADORE these (which is why I decided to post this after all) but we just call them "Little Smokies".  But...that doesn't work either.  I realize I could call these anything I wanted, but some weird part of me wants to go with Google, so that is what I shall do.

Little Smokies Football Wienies

3 lb. Little Smokies
1 3/4 c. BBQ sauce 
1 3/4 c. Grape Jelly

Combine the BBQ sauce and grape jelly in a small slow cooker.  Stir in the little smokies.  Cook on low for at least 2 hours, or until the smokies are nice and hot.  

*Note: I bought this big bag of Smokies at Sam's Club.  You can easily half this recipe with a smaller bag like those sold at the grocery store.  

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